MangaJo: super-healthy beverages


I’ve worked with this UK drinks company since its launch in 2005 and continue to do so as new products are added to the range. My work for the company includes creating tag lines and product descriptions for each drink’s label, for example:

Goji & Green Tea: For beta health
The Himalayan super-berry and mandarin with green tea.
Nicknamed ‘happy berry’ in Asia, goji has more beta-carotene than you can shake a carrot at. Combine this with green tea for a healthy dose of antioxidants to brighten up your day.

In addition to this, I wrote the copy for the website and have written advertorials for industry publications such as The Grocer, see image and copy below:

A sign of the times
Britons are opting for healthier soft drinks according to a recent survey by Mintel, which showed that spending on foods and drinks claiming health benefits has surged 159 per cent in two years.
‘People are changing their habits,’ says Alex Hannon, co-founder of MangaJo, a range of ice tea and herbal drinks. ‘They’re looking for healthy options in all aspects of life, especially in what they eat and drink.’
In recent years, the soft drink sector has seen a boom in functional, energy and fortified drinks, extending the range with more adult offerings. ‘The sector is moving with the times: consumers are looking for still drinks with no added sugar and all-natural ingredients,’ says Hannon. ‘Truly innovative products that offer real benefits to the consumer greatly enhance the sector.’ And it’s not just customers getting the benefits. Hannon says, ‘We find that consumers are willing to pay a premium for a new idea, which means a boost for profits. Take MangaJo Refreshing Rooibos, for example. This contains a herbal extract that’s hugely popular in South Africa, where it’s known as a “wonderdrink”, believed to aid digestion and improve sleep quality at night. This is the kind of fresh idea that people are looking for instead of the same old sugary carbonates.’
Hannon stresses the importance of displaying healthier options, and of placing niche brands alongside the big players to demonstrate range. ‘As well as promoting healthy competition, this encourages innovation, which breathes life into the sector. As we’ve seen in the past, it’s the small players that push the boundaries of innovation, often creating whole new sectors.’
MangaJo was founded three years ago and is now distributed to Australia, Belgium, Iceland, Ireland, Italy and France, and more than 1000 outlets in the UK. Hannon was inspired to create the drinks after living in Japan, the land of green tea and supple octogenarians.
The MangaJo range, which also includes Lemon Green Tea and Kombucha, comes in recyclable packaging, and the company operates with an environmentally-friendly ethic, key concerns for today’s consumers. ‘Another important factor is image,’ says Hannon. ‘Our drinks have clean lines and strong branding, which looks great on display. The bottles are clear, showing that we have nothing to hide – no added sugar, preservatives or nasties – which is exactly what consumers want.’



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