The sweet scent of Sicily

This story was shortlisted for an Australian Society of Travel Writers award

IT’S A cold night in Modica. Corso Umberto I is deserted and dim lights flicker from within the grand old houses lining the wide, main street. This used to be a raging river but it flooded one time too many and was filled in to create the city’s main thoroughfare.

Two men in overcoats and felt hats hurry past, muttering to each other, bringing with them an intriguing scent. It’s not chocolate – Modica is famous for that – but something far simpler, and its sticky fingers reach down the small, dark alleyway, wrap around some basal pleasure centre and reel us in.

At the end of the little alley the smell abandons us. Confused, we peer through the window of the shop, then tentatively open the heavy door. With its dark wood panelling and glass cabinets lining the walls, Antica Dolceria Bonajuto looks more like an old-fashioned pharmacy than a chocolate shop. A white lab-coated woman with long grey hair is deep in conversation with a customer.

More Than Just a Modicum of Taste, The Sun-Herald, August 19, 2007

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